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Yarn of wool cotton blending acquires whole technology

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1 preface

Provide the spin data with more comfortable more to give knitting dress the territory, reduce manufacturing cost, in last few years, the market rolled out a series of wool cotton (or stick) yarn, have the blending yarn of the norms such as 45/55, 30/70 and 20/80 commonly. Because mix the abb constituent in yarn to not be able to bear or endure,alkali and cotton use enzymatic preparation, cannot use cotton to be boiled commonly usedly so drill and blanch craft, thereby cannot effectively purify cotton candle, grease, pectic wait for foreign matter with natural pigment, affected feel style, and Mao Xiaohe bleachs the stability that acquires technology. Author classics is carried out for many times, adjust each working procedure to machine craft, especially pre-treatment machines a condition, those who gained satisfaction catch article.

2 wool cotton mixes spinning coloring technology

&nbsp2.1 pre-treatment bleachs the key that catchs treatment success, pre-treatment should take the factor of 50% . With the Mao Mian that 45/55 matchs to compare blending yarn is exemple, its pre-treatment appropriate uses appropriate auxiliary below gentle condition, in order to achieve favorable processing result. 2.1.1 craft prescription and craft condition

Craft prescription (G/L)

Oxidation (the first bath) T 0.5~1 of fast bleeding agent

Go YX 150 3~5 of the oily scouring agent that divide candle

8~10 of &nbsp25% hydrogen peroxide solution

Sodium bicarbonate 3~5

Reductive (the 2nd bath)

Go YX 150 2~3 of the oily scouring agent that divide candle

Vulture Bai Kuai or 3~4 of pink bleaching wool

Sodium bicarbonate 3~5

Craft condition bath compares 1 ∶ 30, oxidize first below room temperature () of the first bath, locomotive 10~15min; afterwards with 1 ℃ / Min speed warms up to 60~65 ℃ , heat preservation 60~80min, platoon fluid, bath 1. Reductive () of the 2nd bath, press afore-mentioned working procedure again, repeat processing with reductive bath, next via sufficient bath, wait for catch.

The action of &nbsp2.1.2 auxiliary

T of fast bleeding agent, do not be able to bear or endure strong acid, alkali and high temperature, control in 40 ℃ can rapid even embellish wet fiber, at the same time auxiliary of the other in portable bath is entered effect has inside yarn, in order to improve processing result. This auxiliary is ameliorable cause because of dead cotton catch defect. Go YX 150 of the oily scouring agent that divide candle, it but the waxiness grease on effectively purify cotton fiber, action is purified since the impurity such as the grease that goes up to abb at the same time, the requirement of working procedure of the line after be being satisfied thereby. Via the yarn after this pre-treatment, its Mao Xiaoke amounts to 12.7cM/30min. Hydrogen peroxide solution is oxidizer, its affiliation but the partial impurity on purify abb and cotton fiber, especially natural pigment. But temperature cannot exorbitant, can cause degradation of two kinds of fiber otherwise and make puissant damage. Vulture Bai Kuai or pink bleaching wool is reducer, reproducibility is strong and stable, can improve the whiteness of constituent of two kinds of fiber further not only, and return can the oxidant of the remaining on eliminate yarn, ensure yarn quality. Sodium bicarbonate (bicarbonate natrium) it is a kind of extremely weak alkaline agent, basically adjust the PH value of working fluid comes 8~8.5, because hydrogen peroxide solution and vulture Bai Kuai need to allot unripe action in basic requirement, and along with alkalescent buildup action is increased. Because be converted the restriction that learns function by abb constituent, need to control cost of working fluid PH strictly.
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