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How to face the problem that coloring appears?

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Coloring occurrence problem, basically have the factor of the following respects:

&nbsp1. Galley proof and big production are to have an error really. But computation is passed when just beginning big production, 70% what join place to need whole dye only, next again from the back the dye of 30% will adjust lubricious head. A lot of factories for utmost improve productivity, some manufacturer can be depended on one day catch 50~60 color, some has manufacturer to achieve 100 many color even, such is opposite on art the demand with time is very high. Coloring personnel can not make sure each person color can accord with the client's requirement, have quite a few so product of one part coloring wants new coloring. This basically is pigmentation plant did not undertake reasonable, scientific arrangement production, what very much coloring personnel comparatives is fatigue. Can be good color caught below fatigue condition?

2.Coloring equipment did not clear clean.

Before coloring, coloring equipment should be sufficient clear clean. Very much now pigmentation plant still has the coloring management method that establishs a science, the maintenance that includes pair of coloring facility and clear. Coloring facility is primary inadequate clear, coloring pays attention to a many only, not be very tall to the requirement of quality (this kind of state is being changed) . Coloring employee does not have the sufficient astringent sex that realises the market competes.

&nbsp3. Measure equipment not accurate

A lot of factories have weighing apparatus facility of the standard, but the maintenance of weighing apparatus equipment, maintain a lot of factories had not been done almost. Very much factory just stays in to the action of weighing apparatus equipment probably in limits, did not reach exact level, the action of weighing apparatus comes out without play. Everybody can go back the weighing apparatus facility that visits expensive plant, you can understand the reason of this respect.

&nbsp4. Operate the worker's error actually.

The pay system of the stainer of a lot of factories is to write down a salary, colored flix is much, salary is high, so a lot of workers seek rate only, quality wants only about the same OK. The technology that still having is operator labour on one hand and quality are too low.

If want from go up at all solve this problem, groom employee and change salary terms of payment and coordinate reward system.

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