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How will decide the classics broadwise distinction of fabrics

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(1) , be like the fabrics that is differentiated is edge having cloth, as parallel as cloth edge yarn direction is classics to, other one party is broadwise.

(2) , the direction that of size is warp, not the direction that of size is weft.

(3) , general cloth density is big one advocate be classics to, the one party with small density is broadwise.

(4) , the cloth with reed apparent mark, criterion direction is reed mark classics to.

(5) , half-and-half full thread woven fabric, normally plied yarn direction is classics to, odd gauze direction is broadwise.

(6) , of the yarn woven fabric that be like sheet twist into gauze smoke when differring, criterion Z twists to for classics to, s twists to for broadwise.

(7) , if the classics weft of cloth is special number, twist to, number of turn when difference is not big, criterion gauze lines works even, gloss better for classics to.

(8) , when the number of turn becoming gauze that is like cloth is different, criterion the majority with great number of turn is classics to, number of turn is broadwise smally.

(9) , towel kind fabric, its are cottony the yarn direction of the circle is classics to, not cottony the person that encircle is broadwise.

(10) , fabric of a brief informal note, direction of its a brief informal note normally in classics to direction.

(11) , what if cloth has the yarn of a system to have a variety of differring is special when number, this direction is classics to.

(12) , gauze cloth, the direction of the gauze that has wring is classics to, the direction of the gauze that does not have wring is broadwise.

(13) , in the intertexture in different raw material, the cloth that general plumule or linen-cotton interweave, cotton is warp; In broken filament intertexture, silk is warp; In intertexture of broken filament continous, criterion silk, cotton is warp; In natural silk and spun silk intertexture, crude line is warp; In natural silk and rayon intertexture, natural silk is warp. Because fabric use is extremely extensive, breed is very much also, also be varied to fabric raw material and the requirement that organize a structure, because this is when judgement, be decided even according to the particular case of cloth.

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