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Spin builds a project to cannot ignore a project to seek advice

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Recently, the reporter builds program courtyard to be when Shandong survey along with Chinese spin, a few phenomena that see make a person anxious. Some builds cotton textile mills, own home's at present top-ranking spinning new facility, but after put into production, quality of client report yarn is bad, existence do the question with Mao Yu, did not reach the level with due equipment, technical personnel is debugged for many times to equipment also fail to solve a problem. The expert that call in inspects the reason that the problem found on wheeler on the spot: Advocate the workshop is done not have when the design match with equipment standard photograph! For example, to omit report, workshop earth is built use the brick that does not have air conditioning system to mix a structure, side window is cheated dead with plastic film, cause the weather that still was May merely, the temperature outdoor is elevatory, the electric machinery inside the workshop is plangent, quantity of heat nowhere can come loose, if arrived 7, August, its workshop temperature cans be imagined; To reduce flying, the enterprise is used local add wet, increase workshop humidity, 4 corners are set respectively add wet fan movably, the worker is lain between water is sprinkled on the ground that goes up a little while to be about to fall in spun yarn machine, adjust with such primitive means the temperature and humidity of the workshop. Come so, report is a province, but the stability of both neither of temperature and humidity in the workshop is inhomogenous also, pure bombazine line is in such manufacturing environment, appear dry not divide evenly, Mao Yu's much phenomenon is inevitable. Actually, the barrier that such manufacturing condition brings to management and the influence to life of equipment, fittings, the charge of electricity that in the future defray can issue than the province wants the enterprise to be gotten greatly much. The experts of the spot point out not without deeply regret ground: If be not transformed afresh, the enterprise wants to increase product class, production raises gauze high even combing gauze, it is impossible almost. Be like again, the personnel in cotton wool storehouse advocate passageway even distribution room finds a place for unexpectedly it is in the center of the workshop! This kind of design is put in serious safe hidden danger, it is the hard injury of the enterprise more.

So, why can you appear after all the basiccest on these designs, the error of low administrative levels? Chinese spin builds the expert analysis of program courtyard to say, similar such construction project is an enterprise by oneself organization of finite professional knowledge proper motion finishs, did not answer according to infrastructure some normal procedures, invite relevant and professional project to seek advice from an orgnaization to participate in, the enterprise has the engineer that understands manufacturing technology only, did not know the engineer of plant design, construction, after accordingly the project is being finished, a lot of respects are put in hidden trouble and inadequacy, these problems will be the deadly dense disease that industry health grows.
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