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Fabric classification reachs differentiated ABC

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One, fabric organization

1, definition: Textile is to be on loom by the yarn of two mutual and perpendicular systems, interweave by definite pattern and become, press definite pattern ground via weft namely mutual ups and downs, make fabric surface forms certain lines and decorative pattern, this kind of organization calls fabric organization.

2, fabric organizes classification:

① basic stitch: It is the simplest fabric organization, weigh basic organization again. It includes organization of plain weave, twill and satin weave 3 kinds.

② floret grain organizes: Be by above 3 kinds of basic organizations change, combine and form. Be like hill form damask, urgent twill.

③ complex organization: Include 2 heavy tissues again (weave terry more, velveteen blanket) , cottony organization (like corduroy cloth) , towel is organized (towel fabric) , double deck is organized (towel fabric) organize with gauze.

④ old decorative pattern organizes: Also say to carry organization length a flower, knit the beautiful design such as a water flea of painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, birds and beasts more.

⑤ satin weave: Cloth surface is slick but not strong, easy scratch, easy cottony.

3, the density of fabric: Density shows the root of the warp in length of unit of the finished product that knit base and weft is counted, commonly used 10 square centimeter or 1 square inch in yarn root number shows. Bedding fabric is common density: 30S gauze 78*65, 78*54, 20S gauze 60*60, 40S gauze 90*90, 110*80, 133*72, 28S gauze 70*60, unit: / 1 inch.

4, the regain of fabric, fair calm weight.

① regain = (weight in wet base - dry weight) / dry weight × 100%

Fair decide regain: Bombazine 8.5% , cotton cloth 8% , cloth of cleanse bombazine 65/35 3.06% , cleanse cotton 50/50, cloth 4.2%

② is fair calm weight: Fabric is in fair the weight that decides regain to fall is fair calm weight.

2, textile classification:

1, can divide by utility use things of textile, industry with textile, adornment for dress 3 kinds big;

All sorts of spin fabrics that ① dress includes to make clothing with textile and sewing thread, elastic, draw line, in all sorts of spin such as line complementary makings and knitting hand-me-down, glove, sock.

② adornment uses textile to wait for each respect in the breed structure, design that knit grain and match colors otherer dry goods should have outstanding characteristic more, also can saying is a kind of arts and crafts is tasted. Can divide for bedding and indoor things, open articles for use, include to live in cloth and dining-room bath to wash room things, be like: Carpet, slipcover, chair, tapestry, stick cloth, like the cover, spin article, curtain, towel, tea cloth, tablecloth, handkerchief; Bedding comprises core of bedspread, sheet, bedcover, bedding bag, blanket, towelling coverlet, pillow, be waited for by core, pillowcase. Open articles for use includes man-made lawn to wait.
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