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Standard of infant dress product is promulgated 8 years first

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Superintend to perfect the quality of pair of infant dress products further, strengthen an enterprise to reach the understanding of quality problem to the safety of infant dress product, the country develops and reform committee releases dress of FZ/T 81014-2008 infant at was being approved on April 23, 2008, carry out formally at rising on October 1, 2008. All knit fabric in order to spin loom to be limit of production of main raw material, age to be in the infant dress of 24 months less than and set all apply to this standard.

The term that this standard provided infant dress product and definition, date norms, requirement, examine (test) method, examine classified regulation and mark, pack, carry and the technical feature such as keep in storage; The main assessment item that involves has: Ratio of variation of size of exterior quality, bath, be able to bear or endure the prison that wash color is spent, be able to bear or endure salivary lubricious prison is spent, be able to bear or endure lubricious prison of sweat be soiled is spent, be able to bear or endure water quality lubricious prison is spent, be able to bear or endure attrition lubricious prison is spent, the garment takes sew intensity, button to wait for not dismountable accessory pulling force, but dye of value of content of deviation of content of extractive heavy metal, fiber content, formaldehyde, PH, dissoluble balmy amine and peculiar smell.

In the meantime, this standard puts forward product service instruction to be carried out except the regulation that presses GB5296.4 and GB18401 outside, answer on product label additional make clear cannot dry-clean; To using flocculus kind the product of filler, still should accord with GB18383 " garrulous uses fiber current technology asks " compulsive requirement.

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