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First " track-and-field shoe " national level is promulgated formally

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Recently, ministry of our country head " track-and-field shoe " national level is supervised by national quality examine committee of management of standardization of quarantine total bureau, country is promulgated formally, will carry out at rising on October 1 this year. This standard fill the blank that our country does not have standard of technology of sports shoes of track and field at present.
As we have learned, this standard examines by condition of discrepancy of elder brother hill quarantine bureau, elder brother Shanduowei shoe of sporting goods limited company, country kind detect federation of sporting goods of center, China is drafted. Quality of function of machinery of the healthy safety performance that this standard provided sports shoes of track and field, physics safety performance, physics, exterior, test gauge criterion, the mark.
Our country has sports shoes of many 1000 track and field to produce manufacturer at present, product quality is uneven. " track-and-field shoe " of national level carry out, what purchase normative production manufacturer high level is former complementary makings, improve manufacturing technology, improve product quality. Current, the international market of sports shoes of track and field is primary by forestall of a few a few tycoons, although quality of shoe of track and field of our country part is not as inferior as product of foreign famous brand, but because our country still does not have technology of sports shoes of track and field before this,want standard of sue for peace, limitted product export greatly. " track-and-field shoe " of the standard make and come on stage, will be helpful for improving quality of product of sports shoes of our country track and field, enlarge exit, raised taller technical requirement to importing shoe of track and field at the same time. (Chinese dress signs up for) (E09)

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