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The European Union concerns the newest provision of children disguise dress

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The imagination that disguise dress abounds with its and interest sex times get children love, making the burgeoning industry with wide perspective of a development. Meanwhile, the security of children disguise dress also becomes the issue that people cares generally, because this European Union released amendment of children disguise dress recently, make special provision to this kind of dress.

The design of disguise dress and fittings are relatively complex, cause quality and safe problem more easily, because design of stringy belt, small component is unreasonable, safe the project is unqualified and the incident that causes children accident to harm happens from time to tome. The European Union meeting that the near future holds undertook discussion with respect to the security of disguise dress, agree to dictate to toy safety EN 71-1 undertakes modification, disguise dress classify " toy safety dictates " limits. Before, although EN 71 of toy security directive has the regulation that is aimed at cheeper choking danger, but did not cover dress of disguise of 14 years old of the following children (dress up dress) the potential risk that accident of Shu Shenghe loincloth encircles card. According to the requirement of amendment, disguise dress must accept the assessment of EN71 euqally with the toy, the standard with the potential and dangerous uniform formulate such as edge of noxiousness, acute, small-sized to its spare parts, flammability. Additional, EN14682-2007 of European Union standard is particularly right also the loincloth on dress of disguise of 14 years old of the following children or rope (the rope that include spin or is not spin material, chain belt, belt, drawstring, narrow with plastic rope) waited for total provision, because this exports the disguise to the European Union,dress must accord with the requirement of two afore-mentioned standards.

Before before long, the country pledges check total bureau also issues an announcement, requirement each district examines the examining that quarantine branch strengthens project of belts of pair of the rope on exit children clothing and small part safety is superintended. For this, clothing company needs to ensure the safety of children disguise dress, control strictly to design and producing segment, prevent the potential risk of belt of the rope on disguise dress and small part. In the meantime, the enterprise should seek the help of professional orgnaization, the test that strengthens product and its component and examine, perfect manufacturing technological process and quality management system, ensure the quality of the product and safety, make the product enters an international market smoothly.

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