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Art amount to a group to attend countrywide home to spin a standard to edit

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Recently, standard of textile of countrywide family expenses goes over a manuscript or draft can hold successfully in Jiangsu Suzhou. The main purpose of the conference is the expert that organizes countrywide home to spin a domain undertake going over a manuscript or draft to the 7 textile standard that drafted 2008. Each inspection bereau of association of textile of countrywide family expenses and whole nation, detect center, institute, examine the committee committee member of the professional of the professional orgnaization such as place and business of countrywide spin mainstay attended this meeting. Attend this meeting still have art amount to the industry of much home spin such as the group well-known company.
This go over a manuscript or draft the level that can discuss is respectively " by, bedding bag " , " sheet " , " pillow, fill up kind of product " , " bedding of form a complete set " , " the bedding that prevent mite " , " Lasheer bedding " , " can volatilize in family expenses textile organic matter.
Go over a manuscript or draft in this in colloquium, the group produces by, the product such as bedding bag, sheet got on the meeting the height of expert and person of the same trades evaluates everybody.
On colloquium, experts are opposite respectively parameter of index of limits of requirement of the standard limits of each standard rough draft, term and definition, standard and each function undertook discussion editing. Edit this knock GB should appear in the newspaper after deciding appoint examine and verify wait for a program through putting on record, predict to be carried out before the end of the year, at the same time active conduct propaganda carries out requirement enterprise and carry out.

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