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Beautiful textile is combustible business of become effective export requires st

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Commission of American consumable safety (CPCS) the textile that sign and issue is combustible standard code will have go into effect on September 22 this year. About sectional proposal: Before company of stone lion, Jin Jiang and clothing of spin of fontal city district is being exported, advanced travel product detects, risk of seasonable avoid commerce.
The carries out and other places of lion of pair of Jin Jiang, stone textile of this code affects “ not quite, because of fontal city district a lot of manufacturing model spin clothing company is in the half an year before every code is carried out or had adopted relevant measure one year to be answered actively. ” occupies stone lion the chapter gentleman of company of a clothing introduces, many spin clothing companies express new combustible standard code is opposite expression textile the impact of the enterprise is not big, but bigger still to the influence of whole industry. Sweet Jiang Lu manufactures model of childen's garments enterprise make boss analysis think, of this code carrying out is actually in market of normative and whole spin, although can produce partial effect to a few medium and small businesses, but will say the effect that can have perfect system to most enterprise. He still expresses, after this code is carried out, to a few exit textile will have stricter restriction, for risk of seasonable avoid commerce, company of proposal spin clothing undertakes detecting first when export, if the enterprise is done not have,detect accordingly equipment, can send sample detect relevantly the orgnaization undertakes detecting, the quality of the product has assure, so of code carry out won't have what effect to the enterprise.
Analysis of industry public figure thinks, edited this common dress, dress uses textile flammability level, raised more, stricter requirement to this. If company of spin dress production thinks successful outcome, need considers actively to answer international quality standard, know overcome technical difficulty, had done ahead of schedule answer measure. (stone lion daily / Lan Liang is added) (E09)

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