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Executive mom of next month of standard of dress of our country infant are gener

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Be troubled by bubbling with noisely in incident of infant milk powder when, the —— of industry state level that ministry of our country head makes technically in the light of safety of infant dress dress " infant dress standard " was born recently, will carry out formally at rising on October 1. The provision that the every in the standard involves aspect of infant dress security all is mandatory regulation, but the reporter interviews understanding to arrive, mom are mandatory to this national level is general not know the inside story.

As we have learned, this standard basically is aimed at the infant of 24 months less than to make, the standard makes clear a regulation, in infant dress dress but in content of extractive heavy metal, arsenic content must not exceed every kilogram 0.2 milligram, copper must not exceed every kilogram 25 milligram; Most the formaldehyde content that suffers parents to pay close attention to must is less than or be equal to every kilogram 20 milligram. Do not stimulate the infant's delicate skin to assure the dress, its PH is worth must demarcate is in 4 to 7.5 between. The standard still makes clear a requirement, ban in infant dress with dye of dissoluble balmy amine, do not get existence peculiar smell. In the light of the infant love is pulled drag the clothings, characteristic that bites the dress, standard regulation, the biggest neckline is not less than turtleneck unlined upper garment 52 centimeters; Metallic accessories must not have burr, sharp edge and most advanced, of slide fastener pull a head to cannot take off discharge; Take what mount rope takes to appear length must not exceed the technology such as 14cm to ask.

The reporter is interviewed in market of provincial capital supermarket when, many mom express to had not heard of " infant dress standard " . For child choosing the dress values brand and material to pledge more, do not have too much requirement commonly to other side. (neat Lu Wan signs up for) (E09)
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