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Newest level of infant textile country introduces

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The term that the standard provided infant dress product and definition, date norms, requirement, examine (experiment) method, examine classified regulation and mark, pack, carry and the technical feature such as keep in storage.

Apply to the infant dress that is production of main raw material with spin machine fabric to reach set. Infant dress product can consult this standard is carried out. This standard regards an infant as textile in woven the complement of the product, with FZ/T 73025-2006 " infant knitting dress " cooperate to use, contain basically covered all infant dry goods that uses daily.

Additional, infant textile still should accord with GB 5296.4-1998 " textile of consumable service instruction and dress service instruction " in the basic principle of service instruction, tag content and tag a requirement, and FZ/T 01053-2007 " the label of textile fiber content " in the ticket demand of fiber content, tag a principle, express method, tolerance and label accordance decide etc.

In recent years year after year of textile monitoring strength is strengthened, but the relevant data of exposure still nots allow hopeful, open-armed hope enhances superintendency strength, make the enterprise is recording great profit while profit grows, pay close attention to an infant grow. The care leaves generation, care our tomorrow namely.

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