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Unscramble the United States " safety of 2008 consumer goods strengthens a law "

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Revise 16CFR 1303.1) :

Ø Be restricted plumbic content to be worth from 0.06% fall to 0.009% , become effective begins code after 1 year carry out (on August 14, 2009) .

3. Harmful material contacts a gender:

Ø Afore-mentioned bounds that be worth do not apply to children to be in reasonable can foreknow the component that be used below the circumstance or abusive children product contacts when abuse;

Ø Code after become effective inside a year (on August 14, 2009) , consumable safety commission should announce relevant regulation, product component can regard as for what cannot contact provide guidance;

Ø Paint, coating or electric film cannot be regarded as to make children contacts the protective screen that is less than rock-bottom lead;

Ø Consumable safety commission should consider to decide whether electronic equipment and batteries need to be accorded with completely be restricted to be worth a requirement.

Those who be aimed at certain children product is compulsive tripartite tests a requirement:

Code become effective 90 days of of people of talent (on November 12, 2008) , all manufacturer of children product and oneself brand business answers:

Ø product deliver qualified the independence that has relevant test tripartite has a test;

Ø Issue letter, prove the product accords with applicable standard or code.

The label of children product:

Code become effective a year of of people of talent (on August 14, 2009) , the manufacturer of all children product should reach his to wrap mount to add the mark that sticks permanent clarity in the product, ensure of the product but date from sex, make consumer OK decide manufacturer or have brand business oneself.

Toy and game things advertising tag a requirement:

Internet (code become effective after 120 days, on December 12, 2008) , catalogue item or other presswork material (code become effective after 180 days, on Feburary 10, 2009) on medium or adjacent position should tag the advertisement of toy and game things appropriate caution statement.

Mandatory toy safety standard:

From code 180 day hind begin go into effect (on Feburary 10, 2009) , ASTM F963-07 will make mandatory standard (the 4.2nd part and accessory 4: ) of anti-flammability requirement except.

Prohibit selling certain contain specific adjacent benzene the product of salt of 2 formic acid:

From code 180 day hind begin go into effect (on Feburary 10, 2009) , anybody offers the following product to belong to illegal behavior:

1. Adjacent benzene 2 formic acid 2 - 2- second base benzene of personal ester DEHP, adjacent 2 formic acid content of BBP of ester of fourth benzyl of 2 formic acid exceeds DBP of 2 fourth ester or adjacent benzene the children toy of 0.1% or children nurse article;
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