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Unscramble the United States " safety of 2008 consumer goods strengthens a law "

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2. Adjacent benzene 2 formic acid benzene of DINP of ester of 2 different Ren, adjacent 2 formic acid DIDP of ester of 2 different the last of the ten Heavenly Stems or adjacent benzene content of DNOP of 2 laborious ester exceeds 2 formic acid 0.1% , the children toy in and can be put by children entering the mouth or children nurse article. Nevertheless, consumable safety commission should consider to decide to whether continue to implement this provision, perhaps restrict other adjacent benzene in future salt of 2 formic acid or adjacent benzene substitute of salt of 2 formic acid.

Build consumable safety communal database:

Code after become effective two years in (on August 14, 2010) , committee should build the database on the has search function net of a communal sex, make orgnaization of consumer, government, health care professional it is OK that personage, children serves trader or public safety is organized announce and consumable use relevant harm, disease, death or risk to wait.

Prohibit sale, entrance and exit by the product of recall:

Prohibit exporting the following product:

1. Violate statute of American consumable safety;

2. By compulsive or voluntary recall;

3. Be decided to be pair of public health and safety to have a harm; Or

4. Be decided to be the harmful material of taboo.

Word explanation uses in code:

1. ” of “ children toy: The consumable that be 12 years old or uses when children amuse oneself of production;

2. ” of “ children product: The consumable that basically be 12 years old or produces;

3. “ children nurses taste ” : Be 3 years old or produce, use at assisting children Morpheus, hello feed, or help children is sucked or the consumable of teething;

4. “ can be put to enter the mouth medium toy ” : Point to the toy that some part can be put to enter the mouth to suck or chew by children. If can use a tongue to lick only,reach, be not regarded as in can putting the entrance. If the dimension of some part is less than toy or toy 5 centimeters, criterion this toy is inspected in can putting the entrance.

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