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Unscramble standard of dress of infant of ministry of our country head

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The company should be answered actively

Infant dress is a sensitive domain all the time on costume market, it is different and other the dress of the category, what infant dress should consider above all is safe element, safe level qualification just is the Chongzhongzhi that infant dress manages is weighed. Accordingly, examine quarantine branch warns company of clothing of concerned production, management infant from proceed with of the following respects, be familiar with actively and answer new standard: Above all, strengthen pair of relevant personnel groom the job, close to its understand correctly to use a level standard, correctly, avoid factitious element to cause lubricious prison to spend, PH value is unqualified; Next, rise technical to abroad the understanding of trade measure, introducing new technology, new technology, new method while, choose green dye to reach as far as possible advanced hind arrange craft; The 3rd, provide necessary testing instrument facility, strengthen to detecting Training Within Industry; The 4th, strengthen what expect to Yuan Fucai to detect strength, ensure infant dress accords with new requirement of green environmental protection.

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